Day two was a bit frustrating — but a couple of friends really came through. Thanks Candy, Emily, Jody and Carl!

The house is not completely empty, but it is empty enough that remaining things can be put in the center of rooms. That’s important because today, Wednesday, I have professional painters coming in to paint the living room, the office and the kitchen (and do the paint trim in the bathroom). While that is going on, a fantastic woman is coming in to scrub down the basement with bleach water and what not which the remediation people say will get rid of the mold. She will also wash down all the floors on the first floor. Michael will be over this morning as well to finish removing the shed on the back of the house.

In addition to that Joe and Chance will be here today helping me empty out the upstairs and clean it. On Thursday Ken will be over in the evening to help lay the laminate floor in the back office room on the first floor. That means that by Friday, we can start moving in new furniture and such.

Expenses to date: $1,750 (supplies and professional labor)

Still to be done: I have about 20 large plastic containers that will need to be opened, sorted through for keep and toss. A fence still needs to be built– but I found an awesome plan for that which will be a time and cost saver.

Frustration from this so far has been Craigslist scrapers. I had a guy come over Monday to remove all the old appliances. He took the washer, dryer and stove, and promised to be back to get the fridge and dishwasher. He never returned. Yesterday I had a guy say he would take the sofa and dishwasher, said he needed to go get straps and never returned. So I went to the next person on the list who wasted two hours before announcing Oh I am going to pass since I have to drive an hour to get there! So I have contacted one more person from CL. If that fails I will post the address and say come ask for me, first come first serve to get rid of them. It’s free for crying outloud. Any garbage involved can go right into the dumpster. What more do you want, people? (end rant)